About Us

At MaadBMS we pride ourselves on our hnads on, diligent, and customer centric approach to asset management. We invest heavily in our people, processes and technology, and provide dedicated teams that deliver the highest standatds of service efficiently and effectively.

We commit to providing tailored creative solutions that will enhance your property investment, reduce operating costs, minimise risk, and ensure optimal temamt retention.

MaadBMS Milestones

Lowest Tenant Turnover

MaadBMS has maintained standards such that tenants seldom leave it’s managed properties

Highest Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants continually rank MaadBMS as “highly likely to recommend” in NPS ranking scores.

Highest Rents
Per Square Meter

Premium services result in high lifetime rents per each square meter managed by MaadBMS

Most Multinationals Supported in Tehran

MaadBMS has working relationships with dozens of multinationals and supports them extensively

MaadBMS Services


Attracting and retainig tenants, through efficient and service orientated management with a view to maximise income.

MaadBMS delivers:
  • Tenant retention strategies based on building strong relationships with tenants and gaining a deep understanding of their requirements;
  • Value enhacement initiactive, securing your incomeand providing improved amenity and service to your tenants;
  • Regular comminications including independent tenant feedback via surveys, documented tenant meetings, promotions, newsletters and building websites;
  • Pro-active rental arrears management and reporting; monthly invoices management of all expiries; rent reviews;break budgets; reconciliations; and‎
  • A higher level of service to attract new tenants and diffrentiate your property


Managing risk and protecting your investment.‎

‎MaadBMS delivers:
  • Minimised risk exposure through our compliance management systems;
  • Retention and/or improvement of the sustainable performance through efficient building operation;
*Fire risk management
*Health and saftey management


Real time and transparent reporting, maximising your financial performance. MaadBMS delivers:

MaadBMS delivers:
  • Reporting from individual property through to consolidated fund reporting;
  • Access to streamlined and transparent reporting capability that is unrivalled in the industry;
  • Management of property performance against operational budget and strategic plans;